St Edmond Registration Questions
This form is for use at St. Edmond Catholic School to document a few extra questions that aren't captured by the infinite Campus registration
Students Full Name *
If you have more then one student attending SE please submit this form multiple times. After you select submit you will have the option to do this form again.
Moms Full Name
Dads Full Name
Child Lives With *
Nearest Public Elementary School
If you live in Fort Dodge where would your student go to Elementary School?
Clear selection
Are you or your Student Catholic? *
Name of Parish?(If Catholic)
Out of District School
If you don't live in Fort Dodge which school would your student go to?
Clear selection
If you are registering a PS student what time do you prefer?
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Do you have other children at St. Edmond? *
Permission to contact EMS if needed. *
I give permission for school personnel to contact emergency medical services, per staff judgement, if an emergency shall arise. I, as parent/guardian, will assume financial responsibility.
Photo Approval *
I give my permission for my child to be photographed?
Internet Approval *
I hereby authorize my child to use the Internet as long as they are in the Saint Edmond Catholic School System
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