Sibil Piano Lesson Questionnaire
Hey! So nice to have you as my student! Please fill the form below so we can make the best lesson and lesson plan for you together. You can also answer in Finnish. Voit vastata myös suomeksi.
Contact information
I need your contact information to set up lesson schedules and send you ready material and also to add you to my personal piano chat if you become my student.
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Music background information
I need some music background information to make lessons and lesson plans that best fit you.
How much experience do you have with playing the piano?
Can you read notes?
What is your (approximate) music theory level?
I know very little
I know quite a lot
Other information regarding musical background. (Like if you play other instruments/sing and want to use that during the lessons for example.)
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What would you like to learn?
Here you can write what your goals are or what you want to learn. The more specific the request is the more tailor-made I can make the lessons. As a first (free) lesson I suggest choosing a song that we can work on.
A specific piece/song. Which one? (Put a link to the song if you have one)
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Other things (just say what you would like to learn - jazz, improvisation, theory, chords, pop/soul, hip-hop and neosoul, gigging, composition etc.)
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Availability, Comments and Requests
Here you can write when you are available for lessons and if you have specific questions, comments or requests.
Availability, Comments and Requests
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