Brunson Family Crew 2019-20
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Birthday Bash (1x month, approx 1:30pm-3:00pm)
Backpack Program (every Friday)
Coin Drive Week (1 week in Sept, approx 8:30-10am)
School Store (1x week, approx. 7:50-8:30)
Book Fair (1 week, 1-2 times/year)
BELLT - Brunson Leadership Team (meeting 2x a month with group of staff after school)
Staff Appreciation (various times, set up and clean up)
After School Clubs (running, knitting, EBOB, drama, yearbook, chess, gardening, "insert your idea here")
Opportunities during evenings, weekends or at-home - How would you like to help?
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Family Crew Leadership Team (monthly evening meetings to coordinate and plan Family Crew activities, especially looking for K-2 families to join)
Family Fun Nights (events generally once every other month)
Family Engagement Crew (reading challenges, other enrichment activities)
Communication (need people familiar with Square Space websites, Mailchimp newsletters, Social media)
Grounds Crew (2-4 Saturdays throughout the year, as needed)
Spring Fling (1 time event in spring)
Fundraising (mostly helping behind-the-scenes, fall-winter)
Cultural Connections (bilingual family members who can help us bridge cultural connections with families)
Staff Appreciation (several times throughout the year, dropping off items and food for special meals)
After-school clubs can be initiated by family members who would like to organize a club for a particular hobby/topic, such as chess or gardening. You just need a staff member to partner with you, and we can help you make that connection. Are you interested in trying to get a new club started at Brunson next year? Or joining an existing club? Tell us what kind of club you are interested in.
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