Grandparents Day RSVP - October 11, 2019
We enjoy including grandparents in various aspects of the life and mission of Redeemer School, and cordially invite you to join us for a morning to learn more about the school and see your grandchild/ren in their class!

Our Grandparents Day event will include a time for arrival check-in and refreshments, followed by a large group program to learn more about Redeemer School. Then grandparents of K - 5th grade students will spend time in their grandchild's classroom, and grandparents of 6th - 8th grade students will participate in a school tour including a quick stop to say hello to their grandchild/ren in middle school (please note that 6th graders will be on an overnight science-related field trip this day but their grandparents are welcome to join us for the large group and tour). Grandparents of TK students are also welcome, and we encourage TK parents and students to come with them and show them the classroom, since TK does not have school this day!

All grandparents will receive a personalized itinerary including visits to multiple classes for those with more than one grandchild at Redeemer School.

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