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Erotic Self – The personal basis of intimacy, attraction, love and sexual desire; Eros: God of Love.

As Therapists, we are aware about the importance of the right use of Transference and Counter-Transference in deepening the therapeutic process.
However, working and expressing erotic feelings, within transference, in the therapeutic room, seems to be very complexed and difficult for most of us; the open and deep therapeutic use of erotic transference involves emotional risk taking: connecting to past traumas and wounds, becoming aware of unconscious social taboos, etc. .
On the other hand, working appropriately with the erotic transference, creates the basis for a special emotional intimacy in a therapeutic relationship and can deepen trust and the therapeutic process.

Date: 7th April 2018 (Saturday)

Venue: East West Center for Counselling and Training
No: 14, 2nd Avenue,
Harrington Road,
Chetpet, Chennai - 600 031

Time: 9:30am - 4pm

Trainer - Dr. Marcia Honig
PhD, in Group Therapy; Psychotherapist (Individuals and Groups), Art Therapist and Integrative Counsellor, Coordinator of the Psychotherapy Unit at MELEL Center (under the auspices of the Tel Aviv Municipality); founder and director of "Even Derech" - a private clinic for Group and Individual Psychotherapy in Tel Aviv.

Marcia has worked for 14 years at the Psychiatry Unit for the Children and Families at Ichilov Hospital, where she developed and managed the Group therapy Care, she has been conducting workshops on diverse topics, combining analytical thinking and arts for more than 10 years in 10 different countries. Marcia who is mother of 3 children, is a Brazilan and Israeli, at present lives in Tel Aviv.

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