Church Vision Statement
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Purpose for this Survey
On July 7, the church met to discuss its vision statement. As a result of that meeting, the church staff undertook the task of translating all of these thoughts and ideas into a cohesive vision statement. Our desire was to present the church with several options, but upon prayerful consideration, and upon sensing the Lord's leading in this direction, we feel compelled to offer you this one option. Please read these following notes carefully:

1) The staff collectively believes that this vision statement embodies the spirit of the church in what they are already doing and in what they have expressed a desire to do.

2) The staff believes that, by offering one choice for a vote, we are allowing for a greater development of unity within the body.

3) Provided a majority of church members disagree with this statement, the staff will seek to understand what is lacking and make adjustments.

4) We believe that every valid ministry of the church can follow this vision.

5) We believe that the statement is resistant to the winds of time (i.e. it is "long-lasting").

Please place your vote below. As a church member, can you affirm, support, and help fulfill the following statement?
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