Creative Needs & Local Resources Survey
AIGA Asheville is a local chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, a nationwide collective of design and marketing creatives. We are graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, photographers, videographers, marketing professionals, and more—all in the business of helping businesses brand and market their products and services.

This short survey is to help us understand the needs and questions of our community so that we may better serve you. Please take 3 minutes to complete our survey, which is to the benefit of local design and marketing creatives and the businesses they hope to serve.
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Have you ever heard of AIGA Asheville, the local chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts?
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What industry are you in?
What size is your business?
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Do you hire freelance creatives (graphic and web designers, copywriters, etc…) or employ in-house for your branding and marketing needs?
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Do you hire design and marketing creatives based locally in the Western North Carolina region?
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Is hiring local / supporting local entrepreneurs important to you?
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If you don’t hire design and marketing creatives from the local community, please share why?
Please check the creatives you have/will/or would like to hire.
What is your average annual marketing budget? This includes any amount you might spend on advertising (or designing those ads), web support or design, photography for marketing purposes, social media management, etc...
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If a resource list or guide to Asheville area creatives did exist, would you use it?
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When hiring freelance contractors, do you have a pre-approval process?
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What are some things the creative community could improve upon to add value to your business? What would help you feel confident in hiring someone local for your creative needs?
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