Ramadan Volunteer Signup
Date: May 16 - June 14, 208
Where: 2301 Plymouth Rd
Contact us (734) 665-6772 or office@mca-a2.org
Description for volunteering roles
MCA is looking for volunteers throughout Ramadan to help in several roles. Read the description of each role below before you make your selection. Scroll down to see all dates.

Setup: On Fridays and Saturdays we will need brothers to help setup tables and chairs in the gym before magrib prayer. Please arrive 25 minutes before magrib to setup. ONLY sign up for setup on Fridays and Saturdays.

Serving food: the servers need to be at the masjid at least 10 minutes before magrib athan, and will be serving from magrib time until everyone present has been served.

Clean up: cleanup starts about 30 minutes afer magrib and is finished when everything is put away and cleaned.

Parking monitor: We need two or three brothers to help coordinate traffic on the MCA parking lot. Usually, those who monitor the parking lot need to be there 15 minutes before Isha prayer and stay until the end of 8 rakas (usually around 12 am).

Youth Supervisor: On Fridays and Saturdays we need few brothers and sisters to supervise youth (males and females) during Isha and traweeh prayers whether they are in the parking lot, playground, school's classrooms or hallways, or in the gym. Youth are from age 12 and older and who are not in the childcare rooms. Only sign up for youth supervisor on Fridays and Saturdays.

Babysitting/Child care: We need few sisters to either babysit or take care of school age care rooms such as board games room, art room, or movie room. You may also help organize the chairs in the classroom as needed. Time commitment from 10 minutes before Isha athan until after 8 rakas is completed which is until around 12 am.

To signup for cooking or bringing iftar, please sign up on the big sheet in the masjid in either side (brothers and sisters).

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Select dates and roles you like to voluteer for. You can select more than one role on each day.
Serve Food
Babysitting or childcare
Youth Supervisor
Parking monitor
Ramadan 1 (May 16, Wed)
Ramadan 2 (May 17, Thur)
Ramadan 3 (May 18, Fri)
Ramadan 4 (May 19, Sat)
Ramadan 5 (May 20, Sun)
Ramadan 6 (May 21, Mon)
Ramadan 7 (May 22, Tues)
Ramadan 8 (May 23, Wed)
Ramadan 9 (May 24, Th)
Ramadan 10 (May 25, Fri)
Ramadan 11 (May 26, Sat)
Ramadan 12 (May 27, Sun)
Ramadan 13 (May 28, Mon)
Ramadan 14 (May 29, Tu)
Ramadan 15 (May 30, Wed)
Ramadan 16 (May 31, Th)
Ramadan 17 (June 1, Fri)
Ramadan 18 (June 2, Sat)
Ramadan 19 (June 3, Sun)
Ramadan 20 (June 4, Mon)
Ramadan 21 (June 5, Tu)
Ramadan 22 (June 6, Wed)
Ramadan 23 (June 7, Th)
Ramadan 24 (June 8, Fri)
Ramadan 25 (June 9, Sat)
Ramadan 26 (June 10, Sun)
Ramadan 27 (June 11, Mon)
Ramadan 28 (June 12, Tu)
Ramadan 29 (June 13, Wed)
Ramadan 30 (June 14, Th)
If you have any comments/suggestions or info about what you signed up for, you can write it here.
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