Housing Preference Form
Student Engagement staff will use this form to match you with your roommate and your housing preferences. Please understand that we will do our best to match you with someone similar to you, as well as, fill any housing preferences you indicate, however, we cannot guarantee that all preferences will be filled.
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Students in their 1st or 2nd semester of housing are required to have the Gold Plan. Students in their 3rd+ semester of housing may select the Silver Plan or Gold Plan.
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Do you allow Johnson College to provide your contact info to your future roommate so that you may communicate prior to move-in?
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Gender inclusive housing is available for students who wish to reside together within a room or apartment regardless of their gender or gender identity.
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Please note that the on campus apartments and the Microtel are tobacco-free. Designated tobacco areas are located at the end of each apartment building and outside of the Microtel.
In this space, please provide Student Engagement Staff with any additional information you think is important to be aware. (Ex. Medical concerns-Allergies, Medications, Conditions)
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