PRH Workshop Registration: "Who Am I" 5-8 March 2020
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"Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality"
This workshop will be run bilingually in English/Bahasa Indonesia.
Thursday to Sunday, 5-8 March 2020 8.30 am-5.30 pm
dr. Theresia Citraningtyas, MWH, PhD, SpKJ
Internationally licensed PRH educator
Location: BlueSky Pandurata Boutique Hotel, Jl. Raden Saleh no.12, Central Jakarta, Indonesia
What is PRH?
Self-discovery and growth

Personality and Human Relations (known as "PRH" from the French Personnalité et Relations Humaines) is a humanistic approach that aims to develop the human person and relationships according to each person’s potentials. PRH was developed in France over 40 years ago and is now present in over 40 countries in the world.

The approach use aims to help each person grow in self-awareness and autonomy, so that they can be more able to face the challenges in life, enhance their quality of life, and relate better personally and professionally.

Individuals are facilitated by an internationally licensed educator/facilitator through workshops, personal accompaniment, group accompaniment, and growth programs. The method is experiential – you are invited to experience it directly, and gain tools for self-development.

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Workshop “Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality”
Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-15 persons

Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality is the key workshop in PRH. It gives the foundation for further training, such as in PRH analysis, helping others using the PRH method, and other PRH workshops for personal growth. This workshop explores our self-image, autonomy, aspects of personality, and other key factors that help participants be more fully themselves. This workshop helps participants increase their self-awareness, supports personality development, assists the identification of key aspirations, and clarifies the conditions that support personality development and enhances solidity and self-esteem. These all can help you deal with challenges in life and work, and shine more fully in who you truly are.

Professionals whose work is in helping others can obtain the added benefit of in-depth knowledge of a life-giving approach, personality and growth to enhance their work with the people they help.

The workshop is experiential, with guided analysis, sharing, and enriching activities.
Workshop cost: Rp. 2.550.000 - 7.000.000 depending on financial capacity and accommodation options
The workshop cost consists of the MODULE with a range based on financial capacity and MEETING ROOM+ACCOMMODATION option (includes meals and snacks)

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