MediaEval 2019 Task Registration
Register here to participate in the MediaEval 2019 Multimedia Evaluation Benchmark. On the MediaEval 2019 webpage you can find a brief description of the tasks.

The exact dates of data release will vary from task to task. Expect development data releases May-June 2019 and test data releases June-July 2019. Run submission deadlines will fall mid September. Moving forward, the descriptions on the MediaEval 2019 webpage will be updated with further information and exact deadlines for each of the tasks.

Only one registration is required per team. Register by filling out this form. The form should be filled out by the team leader (one of the team members in charge of communicating with the task organizers during the course of the task). If someone else has already registered your team, it is not necessary for you to fill out this form again. Note: We will use the information that you fill in in this form only for the purpose of MediaEval.

Participation in MediaEval requires you to fill out the MediaEval Usage Agreement. You will receive information about this document by email a couple of weeks before the first data release. Please fill it in (one per institution if the team involves only one institution, then one per team).

Important information: Participation in MediaEval is free and open to any team interested in taking part in the tasks. Teams that participate in MediaEval tasks write two-page task participation papers for the MediaEval proceedings. At the end of the season, members then present their results and discuss with other teams at the MediaEval workshop. The workshop will be held near Nice, France, 27-29 October 2019, just after ACM Multimedia 2019. (Note that this form is for task registration and the workshop registration will be carried out via a separate registration website.)

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If your team consists of people from multiple organizations (i.e., different companies and/or different universities) please list the other organizations here. We encourage you to build multi-organization teams. We ask about this because we need to collect one Usage Agreement from each organization.
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Please choose a name for your team. Team names are usually 5-12 characters in length and reflect that organization(s) and/or group(s) that make up the team. For example, the Multimedia Computing Group at Delft University of Technology might choose the name: MMC-TUD. (It is possible for a single person to participate in more than one team. This occurs occasionally with cross-institutional collaboration. It should, however, be the exception and not the rule.)
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Your team at MediaEval 2019:
Here, the tasks re listed only with their names. For more information see:
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Additional notes:
Please add here any additional information that you would like to share with the organizers. Specifically, if your team is registering for more than three tasks we ask you to provide a short explanation on why you are doing so. (Do you have the capacity to actually carry out more than three tasks?) Other information that you might want to include is the name and the short description of any relevant projects that you are currently working on.
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Information an Communication
MediaEval is different from other data science challenges in that the task organizers stay in close communication with the task participants over the course of the task. Please contact your task organizers if you have questions or in any way get stuck. They would like to hear from you.
Communicating with your task organizers:
As participant in a MediaEval task, you should be prepared to receive updates from the task organizers and to respond to inquiries.
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Finish your registration by clicking the "Submit" button. You can come back later and edit this form later if you need to. If you have questions, please contact your task organizers, or send an email to
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