Engineering Expo "Scavenger Hunt" (Form 3)
This activity will encourage students to look into Engineering Expo videos they may not have otherwise looked at and will ask the student a question about the material they have watched. Complete for a prize!
Watch "MRSEC- How are crystals formed?": How are crystals formed, and what are some real life examples of crystals? *
Watch "Biomedical Engineering Society-Biomaterials": What happens when the alginate is added to the calcium chloride? *
Watch "Material Advantage/American Foundry Society-Cool (or maybe hot) Materials Science Demonstrations": What was your favorite fire demonstration in the Material Advantage/American Foundry Society Materials Science Demonstrations video? *
Watch "Thompson Lab (Dakotah Thompson) - Just Beneath the Surface": How do you think the laser would change if they used a thicker or glossier liquid? *
Watch "University of Wisconsin-Madison gives students the power to innovate using 3D scanning": What is at least one application of 3D scanning? *
Watch "AIAA_Intro to Aerospace": What are some observations you had about your paper airplaine? *
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