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If you answered "no" above, you will need to purchase one. They cost $25. Please select your size.
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If "no" above and you would like one (optional), what size?
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Would you like to purchase an SCHS vocal arts garment bag for $65? (Recommended for the boys in Madrigals. Feel free to purchase one elsewhere). *
Would you like to purchase an SCHS Vocal Arts duffel bag for $65? *
Ladies: Do you want to purchase your dress for $55? (Recommended as you wear them A LOT). *
Boys in Madrigals: You need a tuxedo from Friar Tux. I recommend that you purchase one this summer at the shop of of Greenfield in Laguna Niguel. I've contacted our sales rep, Nick, to let him know you will be stopping by. *
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