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Welcome to Star Power Music School!
Our goal is to provide music education that is enriching, inspiring and convenient. Please read through our policies and agreements, and let us know if you have any questions.
(If already assigned.)
Payment and Cancellation Policy
Flexible Monthly Subscription:

-Payment for the lessons is done with SalesVu safe recurring credit card billing. You will receive an email from prompting you to give your credit card information. Please follow the instructions in that email.

-The typical monthly charge is 4 classes (each class is $60) for one student. Some months will have 5 of a given weekday, or one of the dates might be a holiday, so the charge will be adjusted accordingly. There is a family discount for a second child of %10 off the total bill.
-The default monthly charge can easily be adjusted by emailing 24 hours prior to the first day of a given month.
-If we are not notified of any changes, the default monthly charge will be charged to the account.

-If we are notified after the first day of the month that more or fewer lessons are required for that month we will give you a credit towards next month's bill or a make-up class, in accordance with the cancellation policy below.

Cancellation Policy:

-Weekly music lessons happen with your teacher at a chosen recurring weekday and time.

-Sticking to a consistent time as much as possible makes things work smoothly and effortlessly, thus we strive to be consistent. We do observe major holidays and vacation seasons.

-We understand that unforeseen events do happen; in that case please communicate by email to by 10pm the night BEFORE your lesson and you can get a FULL make-up class.

-In case your student wakes up sick the day of the lesson, call before 10am the day of the lesson and get a HALF (half the time length) make-up class. If you cancel after 10am, unfortunately we can’t give you a make-up class.

-Each Student gets 1 “get out of jail free” card per semester with which we will make an exception to the above mentioned rules.

-If the teacher cancels your lesson, you are entitled to either a FULL make-up class or the lesson fee will be credited towards your account.

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