2019 Boston Anarchist Bookfair - Workshop Proposal Form
November 9-10, 2019
Boston, MA

Our previous Bookfair featured a wide variety of engaging and well-attended workshops and we aim to make this year even better! (Check out our previous offerings: http://bostonanarchistbookfair.org/2018/workshops)

The Boston Anarchist Bookfair affirms and promotes values of mutual aid, direct democracy, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy, free association, and solidarity. If you feel that your workshop would help facilitate a better understanding of how to implement these values, we encourage you to apply.

You do not need to self-describe as an anarchist to participate, run a workshop or be a vendor at the bookfair. However, we are firm in our opposition to capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, heterosexism, racism, colonialism, statism, fascism, slavery and all other forms of oppression; we may prohibit groups and individuals from tabling or presenting if they perpetuate or promote these attitudes.

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