Closed Workshop - Org Specific Anti-Racist Workshops
The following is an interest form for a Closed Workshop, assessing the needs of your organization and whether The Chicago Inclusion Project can be a strategic partner to create inclusive and equitable work environments.  Please answer to the best of your knowledge on behalf of your organization, unless specifically stated. The more detailed and honest your answers are here, the better equipped we will be in helping you. Finally, please know that all information on this form is confidential and only for assessment by our staff.

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How do you racially self identify (understanding that racial categories do not reveal one’s full truth)?
Which pronouns do you use?
Name of your organization *
Years your organizaiton has been in operation *
Location / Zip Code of your organization *
Names and titles of those in leadership of your organization (Artistic Director, Managing Director, Executive Director) *
How many people are hired as full time staff? *
How many people are hired as part time staff? *
How many active volunteer positions (people who work regularly for no pay- not event volunteers) do you have? *
What is the mission statement of your organization? *
What is the operating budget of your organization? *
What is your budget for anti-oppression/anti-racism training? *
Are any accommodations needed for your team’s participation in an online gathering? *
Have members of your staff/team/board participated in anti-oppression training? If so, with whom? *
Does your organization require anti-racism training for your top tier leadership? (i.e. Artistic Director, Executive Director, Managing Director, Board President, Top Financial and Artistic Decision Makers in the company) *
Does your organization have an existing statement of commitment to equity and inclusion? If yes, please paste below. *
Does your organization have policy, procedures and structural plans that support its DEI statement? *
Where do you feel your organization stands in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) and Anti-Racism work? *
Have you produced one BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) playwright AND one BIPOC Director every season? *
How has the organization included other marginalized groups (artists who work with disabilities, trans artists, the elderly, and immigrant artists) as part of its intentional inclusive efforts? If applicable, please discuss how many of these marginalized groups the organization has centrally featured (leading roles, central content of the story, mainstage shows) in the past 3 seasons. *
What are you hoping for, in working with us? (Be as specific as possible. Name at least 2 - 3 options.) *
How did you hear about us? *
A Note from Our Staff
While we would love to be able to help every organization, we recognize as a small non-profit that we must focus on helping the companies that we can fully support with greatest impact.  That said, your completion of this form does not guarantee The Chicago Inclusion Project will work with your organization at this time.
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