Application for Credit and New Customer Information

We are happy to be doing business with you. In order to make sure that we manage your account properly, we need to know a few things about you. Please review the information in this form, fill out the required data, and submit it to our office.

This form is also available as a PDF if you wish to use that.

    All customers are required to have on file with us:

    1. Valid Credit Card (See Note For Convenience Fee Policy). 2. Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN) or Tax ID Number. This is either the FEIN for your business or your SSA number. 3. Rental customers are required to have a current Certificate of Insurance naming us as Additional Loss Insured on file with us.
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    We expect payment on the following schedule:

    1. New customers are required to provide payment for the full expected cost of the purchase at the time of purchase or rental pickup. 2. Returning customers may ask for Net 10 payment terms. A valid credit card on file is required for this option. 3. Frequent customers in good standing may ask for Net 30 terms.
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