Robyul Background Submission
Submit new Backgrounds to use with Robyul.

Backgrounds have to be EXACTLY 400x300px!

- KPOP related (some neutral backgrounds are fine)
- Please tell us who is in the Background if there are Idols in the Background.
- Should NOT be NSFW
- 400px width and 300px height
- Should have a decent quality

We would like to add Backgrounds with lots of variety. We can always reject any background for any reason.

You can view a list of all currently available Backgrounds here: .

Try your backgrounds out with this template: .
Link to the Background *
Please consider uploading your background to imgur or similar image hosters.
Proposed Background Name
This is just a recommendation for us, we can use a different name.
Who is in the Background? *
Group and Member names.
Your Discord Username
If you tell us your username we can contact you when we added the background or if we have any issues.
Size of the Background is 400x300px? *
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