Petition for BU Admissions to Pay Tour Guides!
Dear Kelly Walter, Associate Vice President and Dean of Admissions, John McEachern, Director of Admissions, et al:

Boston University has long been in the vanguard for civil rights and progressive values. This includes creating an environment where its students can pursue academic advancement while participating in Boston University’s workforce and being compensated for their labor. Currently Admissions Ambassadors for Boston University are not paid for their labor on behalf of the school. Upon examining forty-eight universities comparable to Boston University, we found that students in positions equivalent to Admissions Ambassadors are paid an average of $9.07 per hour. This is considerably above the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. In keeping with the university’s tradition of fairness, we present the following demands on behalf of Boston University’s Admissions Ambassadors:

1. Payment
-Admissions Ambassadors will receive a salary of $15.00 per hour.
-Employees will receive paid compensation during their training period.
-Returning employees will receive corresponding raises in pay.
-Employees will receive paid compensation for staffing all events outside of giving tours and related duties.

2. Employee Contract
-Admissions Ambassadors will be allowed to negotiate their hours and trade shifts with other employees.
-The position of Admissions Ambassador should serve as a gateway for students to further their work opportunities on campus. To this end, Admissions Ambassadors will be given priority consideration for summer staff and Student Admissions Representatives.
-Admissions Ambassadors who are attending summer term will be given priority for a position as summer staff should they want it.
-The interview process should be merit based and conducted with professionalism. To this end, at least one member of senior admissions faculty should be present during interviews. If possible, applicants should be interviewed individually to ensure that they receive appropriate consideration.
-For Admissions Ambassadors applying to other positions within Admissions, at least one recommendation should come from another employer or a faculty member outside of Admissions.

3. Transparency
-The language used before and during the hiring process should be transparent and clear. Admissions Ambassadors should fully understand what is required of them.
-Training should be comprehensive and prepare Admissions Ambassadors for any duties they have outside of conducting tours.

4. Work-Study
-Students who qualify for work-study can serve as Admissions Ambassadors to satisfy their work-study requirements.

We hope that Admissions takes these demands seriously and is willing to discuss them with the coalition of signers below at a future meeting.


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