Reference Form for Applicants
Each participant in an Extend Global Mission Project must have three references. You have been selected as a reference for a potential team member for one of our mission endeavors. Thank you for serving as a reference for an Extend Global applicant. We value your honest opinion of the applicant’s character and abilities. Questions? Call us at 417.865.5442
Applicant's Name
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Trip Desired
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Your Name
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Relationship to Applicant
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Mailing Address
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Phone Number
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May we call if we have further questions?
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What is the best time to reach you?
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What is the best way to reach you?
How long have you known the applicant?
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How well do you know the applicant?
Please rate the applicant on each of the following qualities to the best of your knowledge, using the following scale:
5=Exceptional 4=Very Good 3=Average 2=Below Average 1=Poor
Leadership Abilities
Emotional Stability
Spiritual Maturity
Unity with others/Teamwork
Organizational Skills
Ability to Teach/Train/Disciple
Physical Condition
Respected by Others
Communication Abilities
Respect for Authority
Please describe what you have observed about the applicant's relationship with the Lord.
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What are the applicant's predominant strengths?
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In what weaknesses does the applicant need to improve? Have you seen growth in these areas?
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Does the applicant have any objectionable habits? Please comment.
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How does the applicant respond to authority?
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If you were to make the decision whether or not to send this person, you would:
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