2018 Purdue Cooperative Recruitment
Please complete the form below with your correct information to formally begin the 2018 Cooperative Housing Recruitment Process. This application will be shared with individual houses for use as information and identification. If you have any questions please contact:
Men's Recruitment- Lauren Findley, vpmensrecruitment@purduecooperatives.org
Women's Recruitment- Hayley Plybon, vpwomensrecruitment@purduecooperatives.org
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The above information must be true and correct. If found otherwise, membership to any cooperative may be immediately revoked.
I hereby authorize the Office of the Dean of Students to release my term grade point average, term hours, term points, academic standing, honors, credit hours, cumulative grade point average, and any other academic information deemed necessary to the official undergraduate organization representatives, Student Organization Advisor, Alumni Advisor, and Office of the Dean of Students staff. Information released may only be used for purposes of membership/officer status, determining awards, rosters, and reports. I understand that my signature releases this information for the duration of the cooperative recruitment process. * *
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