Kaleidoquiz 51 INDIVIDUAL Registration
Registration is now open for Kaleidoquiz 2017, which is taking place on March 2-3! This year, KURE is offering an individual registration option for those who want to compete, but can't convince their friends!

Individual registration is $5 until Sunday, February 25 at 11:59pm.

Registration has two steps:

1) Completing this registration form in its entirety. If you need to make corrections to this form, please email kq.central@kaleidoquiz.org

2) Submitting payment of the registration fee to 1198 Friley Hall (the KURE Office). Payment must be made in cash or by a green intramural form. All forms of payment should be put in a sealed envelope with your name written on it. If no one is in the office at 1198 Friley Hall payment should be slipped under the door. No payments should be made to DJs in the KURE Studio. We will notify you when we receive your payment.

No registration will be considered complete before these two steps are completed.

Happy KQ 51!

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