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CONDITIONS OF REGISTRATION with nvcaustralia.com
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You agree not to share, publish or distribute in any way the Content Managed System (CMS) log-in details provided.

You also agree to abide by the Instructions* provided to access and operate the website CMS. *If there are errors in the content you upload to nvcaustralia.com - including substantial formatting errors - your entries may be deleted.

You also agree to list ONLY YOUR OWN Bio / Information and Trainings, unless you have Registered and Paid for another Trainer (e.g. visiting International Trainers).

If for any reason you do not use the system within the paid for registration period, no refund or transfer of funds can be expected.

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Basic Annual Registration costs $50.00 and runs from 1 July to 30 June each year. This includes:
- Bio
- Practice Group Listing (non-Fee paying Group)
- up to 5 Training Listings per year

If you wish to use sections of nvcaustralia.com other than the above,
you will need to select from the 'Optional Extras' below, which are available for $10 per annum each.

NB: If you ANTICIPATE listing 'More than 5 trainings' over this Registration year, please tick that box below and pay the extra $10 now. If you are not sure, and it happens over this year, please notify us and pay the extra $10 then. Thank you for your honesty.

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Account Name: NVC Australia
BSB: 062 578
Account No: 1024 6663
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