Application for Hostel Manager
Job Title: Hostel Manager.
Job Location:Gokarna, Karnataka
Company Name: HosteLIT Hospitality PVT LTD

+ Plan and organize accommodation and other hostel services.
+ Promote and market the business
+ Manage budgets and financial plans and control expenditure
+ Maintain statistical and financial records
+ Set and achieve sales and profit targets
+ Recruit, train, and monitor staff
+ Plan work schedules for individuals and teams
+ Meet and greet customers
+ Deal with customer complaints and comments
+ Address problems and troubleshoot accordingly
+ Supervise maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings
+ Carry out inspections of property and services
+ Ensure compliance with licensing laws, health, and safety and other statutory regulations.

Skill sets Required:
+ Friendly personality, with a genuine desire to help and please others
+ Ability to think clearly and make quick decisions
+ Good organizational and leadership skills
+ Numeracy and logistical planning skills
+ Professional manner and a calm, rational approach in hectic situations
+ Ability to balance customer and business priorities
+ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, especially when dealing with speakers of other languages.
+ Energy and patience
+ Smart well-presented appearance.

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