Registration for workshops with Natasha & Haris

WS 1: 10.30-12.00 Followers who lead (All levels)

WS 2:13.00-14.30 Rebounds with dynamics and centrifuge force (Intermediate). Counter energy, ochos and rebounds with giro and different exits

WS 3: 14.50 - 16.20 Rhythmical structures for Juan D'Arienzo (Intermediate - Adv) For close embrace with cross system and contra tempo.

WS 4: 10.30-1200 Technique for couples (All levels) General recognition of the body, posture, embrace, intention, walking back and forward, lines, use of the legs. Creating one body with 4 legs.

WS 5: 13.00-14.30 Milonga (Intermediate) Crosses and rebounds. Simple and fun combinations for milonga.

WS 6: 14.50 - 16.20 Turns with sacadas (Advanced) Working in close embrace with dynamics and centrifuge force. Timing for the lead, space for sacadas and counter energies in the embrace to achieve speed, power and "whip" leg

WorKshop: 250 SEK/ WS
Concert with Patricia Noval: 200 SEK
Milonga with performance of Natasha & Haris: 150 SEK, DJ: Jenny Hellgren
Concert & Milonga: 300 SEK

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