AP Macroeconomic Contract
• Instructor: Casey Bond, cbond@walton.k12.ga.us

• Length of course: 1 semester

• Prerequisites: grade of 80 or higher in previous social studies and math courses; teacher recommendations; signed AP contract; strong work ethic; regular attendance.

• Course Description: The purpose of a course in AP Macroeconomics is to give students a thorough understanding of the principles of economics that apply to an economic system as a whole. Such a course places particular emphasis on the study of national income and price determination, and also develops students’ familiarity with economic performance measures, economic growth, and international economics. Successful completion of this semester-long course meets the Georgia requirement for Economics. This Social Science course generally employs mathematic principles such as algebraic graphing of economic concepts. Students should be comfortable applying and using these concepts in the study of this course.

AP Macroeconomics is designed to replicate the introductory macroeconomics course taught in a university setting. Students will complete readings from college-level textbooks and will complete written work equivalent with college-level classes. As such, the course requires far more effort and commitment from the student than the typical high school course.

I understand the prerequisites and course requirements for AP Macroeconomics.

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