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Creative Level 1 (recommended age 5-6yrs)
Level 1 is 1-hour class. Students experiment with various kinds of art materials and art styles. Learn about basics of art elements and principles of design. The curriculum is age-appropriate, fun and will develop students’ confidence in making creative decisions.
Create Level 1, please choose your time
Creative Level 2 (Recommended age 6-8)
Level 2 is 1.5-hour class that enhances students’ creative thinking, observation ability, and problem solving skills. Students learn more about art forms, art materials, and art concepts such as form, color, lines, shapes, etc. They also learn about basics of “Ideation Process” that is the grass root of creative thinking. This course will build a solid foundation for the intermediate and advanced art programs.
Creative Level 2, please choose your time
Drawing Level 1 (Recommended age 8-10)
In level 1, students learn the most fundamental drawing skills. They will explore different drawing tools, different techniques for creating value, contour drawing, various paper surfaces for effect, and many other insights. Our school uses creative pedagogy. So students will draw from life and learn to create with their own insights.
Drawing Level 1, please choose your time
Drawing Level 2 (Recommended age 10-12)
Level 2 is aimed at further developing the skills students learned in Level 1. Students not only hone their skills drawing with line and value, but also explore local value concepts, perspectives, and ideas for creating the illusion of depth.
Drawing Level 2, please choose your time
Painting & Comic (Recommended age 7+)
Students will explore and experience a variety of painting techniques, media, and historical approaches to art. Topics include the use of composition, color, texture, form and value through still life, landscape, portrait, figure and masters study. Here is the schedule for each semester -- Fall: Watercolor; Winter: Acrylic, Spring: Oil Painting.
Painting & Comic, please choose your time
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting (Recommended age 7+)
Students will explore the fundamental concepts and skills in Chinese art, allowing students to develop their own forms of artistic expression. Students will learn both calligraphy and Chinese painting and experience the aesthetics of Chinese painting with its rich repertoire of form and style.
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, please choose you time
Maker's Class (Recommended age 7+)
We are proudly to be one of the Maker's Camp affiliations:
This class is a special blend of technology, art, and fabrication techniques emphasizing creativity and resourcefulness. Each semester we will offer different focus and projects. Winter/Spring Maker Theme: 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Claymation.
Maker's Class, please choose your time
Pre AP (11+) & AP Portfolio Class (13+)
Our school will help high school students to prepare their portfolios for the AP studio art course. Our AP Portfolio program will:

- Provide art students with the necessary skills to receive a good score on the College Board Ap Studio Art Portfolio Exam and qualify for college credit.
- Improve and strengthen high school students with a well-rounded foundation program for creating art.
- Inspire students to convey with a strong voice through visual elements.
- Encourage students to explore a variety of art media (we also offer instruction in digital art for high school students)

The Pre AP class offers students a connection to the AP Portfolio prep class. Students learn more about expressive rendering skills, composition, and other advanced concepts. Students are recommended to take more classes every week.

Pre AP and AP Portfolio Class, please choose your time
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