Thank you for taking this brief survey! I'm trying to choose a TITLE font for my cover for my novel, Living Between Dreams, and I've narrowed the choices down to 3 font types. But I can't decide which font! Your choice will help!
**Please note: the original cover photo is finalized, and the name font is already part of my branding**
"Living Between Dreams", Book One Synopsis (current):
Victoria Caldwell is a thirty-something single woman with a growing waistline, an unfulfilling job, and nothing waiting for her at home but a stack of notebooks filled with unpublished writing. When she receives an email from her ex-boyfriend congratulating her on a book she hadn’t written, Victoria realizes just how far she is from living the life she wanted.

Motivated by her ex’s email, she resolves to achieve her “Happiness Trifecta”: love, a slimmer body, and a writing career. Then she runs into Michael–literally. He could be a key missing piece to her dream-life. But Michael’s got his own issues, and he has a knack for distracting her from her other goals.

Victoria’s journey takes her through crazy work schedules, fun outings, and a daunting first-time gym visit, but she doesn’t traverse it alone. Living Between Dreams is not just about the life journeys we take to realize our dreams, but those we take along for the ride.

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