Playa del Fuego 2020 Coordinator and Volunteer Recruitment
Thank you so much for showing interest in joining the leadership team to help make Playa del Fuego possible, or for nominating someone who you feel would be a great addition to the team.

At this time, we're recruiting for all kinds of Coordinator / Co-Coordinator roles for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend event, and - even more importantly - to identify awesome people who want to help, but perhaps not in a leadership role.

You can learn more about the various departments here:

Minimum General Duties of a Playa del Fuego Department Coordinator:

* Be familiar with your department and Planning Committee (PC) / PDF procedures, or be proactive about becoming so
Generally, a Department Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of their department: before, during, and after the event (see below)

* A department coordinator is able to delegate their responsibilities to a team of co-coordinators and/or assistant coordinators, as the coordinator sees fit. This is a self-directed and self-motivated position.

* Prepare required documentation for the department as required, such as a safety plan, city plan, parking guide, how-to guidelines, etc. within any contract or event-specific deadlines

* Work with Participation to develop a volunteer schedule and recruit volunteers to fulfill department responsibilities

* Fill in empty volunteer shifts during the event when needed

* Prepare for and attend Planning Committee calls

* Communicate and collaborate with the PC Coordinator, other department coordinators, and the Board as needed

* Read and participate in the coordinator email distribution list in a timely manner

* Use online tools and resources, including Google Docs, Zoom, e-mail and other platforms to communicate, manage tasks, and stay current on goings on between PC meetings

* Be responsible for your department budget:
- creating a budget and submitting it on time
- being present on the PC calls to discuss and vote on it
- assure acquisition of the items on the budget
- assure getting those budget items to the event
- maintaining budget receipts
- submitting receipts to the Board Treasurer in a timely manner for reimbursement
- working with the Purchasing Coordinator on certain budget items
- attempts to save the organization money whenever possible

* Prepare and submit an Afterburn report within the time frame given

Playa del Fuego has a unique culture known as the Planning Committee, which radically includes everyone in the community. To participate in the Planning Committee, one simply decides to - by joining the Planning Committee calls.

At PDF, it really is that simple to be a part the group of people who plan, produce, and create a sanctioned Burning Man Regional burn. PDF presents a unique opportunity for burners to develop leadership skills and become involved in the Burning Man community with various levels of involvement.

The Planning Committee for Playa del Fuego 2019, the 21st anniversary of our beloved event, is calling for Innovative, Self-Motivated, Self-Organized, Collaborative, Burn-Loving DOERS who will step up and commit to continuing PdF at the new site, by coordinating or helping to coordinate a department team!

The Board assigns Board Liaisons for the event. These liaisons are available to help Department Coordinators with any questions or concerns they may have about the process or want to address with the BoD.
BoD Liaisons for Playa del Fuego 2019 are Karnak, Bryan Boru, and M4.

These roles are 100% volunteer positions and come with a reservation to purchase a ticket. In addition, volunteer hours for leadership roles may be eligible as internship hours on a case-by-case basis.

Emails to department leads are on the website ( However, if you don't know where you'd like to be, we invite you to join an upcoming Planning Committee meeting, or contact with information about what sort of stuff you're interested in, and they'll direct you to the right team.
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