js-montreal: sondage annuel 2014 yearly survey
Bonjour et merci de votre participation a js-montreal cette année. Pour nous aider à faire une meilleur job l'an prochain, on aimerait vous poser quelques questions. Répondez à ce que vous voulez, c'est très utile pour nous.

Hello and thank you for participating in js-montreal this year. To help us do a better job next year, we'd like to ask you a few questions. Answer what you want, it's really useful to us.
Did you visit js-montreal for the first time this year?
Avez-vous visité js-montreal pour la première fois en 2014?
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How would you describe your situation / interest in JavaScript and programming in general?
Comment décrivez-vous votre intérêt pour JavaScript?
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Open feedback. Tell us anything you want. Do you have suggestions? Anything amazing or terrible happened that we need to know about?
Feedback ouvert. Dites-nous ce que vous voulez. Des suggestions? Quelque chose de fantastique ou d'horrible s'est produit a nos rencontres?
How was the atmosphere at the meetups you've been to?
Comment trouvez-vous l'atmosphère à nos rencontres?
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How would you describe the quality of the talks we present each month?
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What do you think of the bilingual nature of our meetups?
Que pensez-vous de nos rencontres bilingues?
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Out of the list below, pick the subjects that interest you the most. This helps us with our choice of speakers and presentation subjects.
Would you be interested in JavaScript training, for you or members of your team?
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Would you be interested in attending a JavaScript focused technical conference in Montreal?
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