Interfraternity Council Safety Feedback Form
This form is not a means to report sexual assault. If you are looking to report a sexual assault incident you can use these resources:

WPI Campus Police: 508-831-5555
John Stewart (Title IX Coordinator):
Emily Perlow (Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students):
WPI Anonymous Reporting Form:

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
National Sexual Violence Resource Center:

What year are you?
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Are you affiliated with Greek Life?
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Have you ever attended a WPI fraternity event? (party, formal, etc.)
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If you answered yes to the previous question, when was the last fraternity event you attended?
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On the topic of personal safety, how do you typically feel while attending a WPI fraternity party?
Unsafe or uncomfortable
Completely safe
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If you were to feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or scared at an event, would you know who to talk to to get help?
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Did you know that WPI fraternities have sober brothers at every event/party?
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Would you feel comfortable approaching a sober brother for assistance?
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Depending on your answer to the previous question, why or why not?
Who out of the following would you be comfortable with walking you home from an event if needed?
If you would like, please explain your response to the previous question
What information would be helpful to have readily available at fraternity parties?
In what places within the houses do you think this information should be accessible to guests?
Through what media do you think updates to fraternity policies should be conveyed?
What further measures do you think should be implemented for fraternities to expand on alcohol education and training?
What further measures do you think should be implemented for fraternities to expand on Title IX education and training?
Finally, feel free to provide any last comments or concerns. We truly appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form, and your feedback will help us to make Greek Life safer for all WPI students.
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