Survey about Macau's tertiary educational opportunities and choices (for graduating secondary school students)
The Institute for Tourism Studies is currently doing a survey of graduating secondary-school students like yourself about their thoughts on university-level education opportunities in Macao. The survey will only take several minutes to complete and all information collected will be treated in strictest confidence.

In order to participate and receive your souvenir, you must be (a) a full-time or part-time student in a local secondary school, (b) scheduled to graduate and complete your secondary school education this academic year, and (c) considering to pursue a course or program in a tertiary-level school.

DO NOT TAKE THIS SURVEY IF you do not intend to continue studying at the tertiary level after graduation from secondary school (for example, to seek employed work, start your own business, or are not yet sure or have no plans yet regarding what to do).

A tertiary-level school is any higher education institution (after secondary level schooling) such as a university, institute, or college offering a course or program leading to a higher diploma or university-level degree for students who have completed a secondary school education.
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