Global Well-Being Survey
This survey is the first call to action for anyone who wants to join the Global Well-Being Think Tank.

A think tank is our version of a self governance system that is based on intelligent discussion and high ideals. What we create together will be a new way of living and working that is designed to bring greater well-being on all 7 levels: survival, body, mind, spirit, family, community, and humanity.

This survey helps us inform you ahead of time about the commitment to well-being that we uphold and gives you a chance to review our ideas one at a time.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone involved will prosper. This means structuring the arcology using innovative economic models that will first have to be tested and proven by the think tank on a small scale.
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How did you hear about Global Well-Being? *
1- I want to make global well-being my highest priority. *
2- I want to support the planning and design of self-contained and self-sustaining Arcologies of Well-Being. *
3- I want to protect the confidentiality of the material and information disclosed during the think tank. *
4- I want to contribute new ideas the think tank openly, rather than withholding them for personal gain. *
5- I want to listen to other ideas and help to integrate them into the vision. *
6- I plan to approve of any idea that I don’t personally know how to improve. *
7- I will refrain from any type of force or control over others, or their ideas. *
8- I will keep my comments under three minutes. *
Securing the basic needs of food shelter clothing for everyone involved.
9- I like the idea of finding ways to earn money as a group to help support the arcology and practice co-ownership. *
10- I support the planning and design of a system that stabilizes the basic needs of everyone who will be living in the Arcology. *
11- I want to work together for the common good. *
12- I like the idea of replacing competition with cooperation. *
13- I realize I need to only contribute ideas that can be easily duplicated. *
14- I pledge to protect others, but never initiate conflict. *
Programs that promote physical well-being including health education, medical and dental services, fitness and nutrition, etc.
15- I support the planning and design of a system that nurtures the health and well-being of every member. *
16- I support the planning and design of a healthy workplace that maintains optimum health. *
17- I will help prevent, to the greatest extent possible, any member from becoming stressed, injured, over-worked, or unhappy. *
Education of all types. Meaningful programs.
18- I support the planning and design of a system of education that will unleash the potential of each member. *
19- I support the planning and design of a system of education to assist with the paradigm shift from competition to cooperation for those who join. *
Equality, integrity, kindness, and inclusion.
20- I will always maintain transparency and never keep secrets from the members concerning matters of the arcology since every decision impacts every member. *
21- I will do what I can to help create an environment of well-being during the think tank. *
22- I will foster well-being in myself and others. *
23- I want to create a sense of belonging for each person who is willing to take this pledge and live by it. *
For questions 24 a, b, and c - "I pledge to design from the inside out and the bottom up, never the top down."
24a- Building "from the inside out" means that we start from inside of our own hearts and minds to create an environment of well-being by changing to more positive and loving attitude. *
24b- Building "from the bottom up" means the people who are usually at the bottom level of society will work together to make all decisions and retain ownership. *
24c- I pledge to never build "from the top down." - means arcologies will not be dominated by political leaders or corporate owners who often make decisions that benefit themselves at the top, but not the people at the bottom. *
25- I support the planning and design of a system that elevates our members from being the employee/consumer who struggles alone to becoming the owner/producer who is well-connected. *
26- I support the development and implementation of each individual’s life purpose. *
Supporting the building blocks of the arcology.
27- I support the planning and design of a socio-economic self-governance system that nurtures like a mother, protects like a father, and functions like a healthy family. *
28- I believe in protecting women and children from male domination in the home. *
29- I regard all humanity as part of the global family. *
Sustainable development.
30- I will only offer ideas that will create a sustainable future for planet earth. *
31- I support ideas that will protect the environment and use our resources wisely. *
32- I support ideas that will create a zero-waste carbon footprint. *
Protection and safety of humankind.
33- I support the planning and design of a system that protects the vulnerable members of the global family. *
34- I will never choose to benefit from the misery of others, but instead believe in fair trade and uplifting vulnerable populations. *
35- I support the planning and design of a system that produces more than enough to build the next Arcology of Well-Being. *
36- I support the plan to continue building Arcologies of Well-Being until we have world peace, a restored planet, and abundance for all. *
This survey gave me a desire to know more about *
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