Iowa Culture and Language Conference 2018: Proposal Submission Form
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Equipment Provided
All rooms will have an LCD projector, a flip chart and microphone.

You must bring your own laptop and any other specialized equipment that you may need.

**Overhead projectors will not be provided.

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ICLC 2018 Presenter Agreement
The following stipulations are conditions of acceptance. By submitting your proposal, you are agreeing to the following terms if you proposal is accepted. Please read each item carefully. By clicking the checkbox, you are agreeing to the terms listed. In order to submit your proposal, you must read and agree to ALL of the items below.
1.1) Presenter Availability
Presenters whose proposals are accepted must be available to present during either day of the conference. While we will try to accommodate your preferred dates/times selected above, due to the large number of sessions and the limited number of meeting rooms available, presenters are not guaranteed that their accepted proposal will be scheduled for any particular day of their preference during the conference.
2.1) Conference Registration:
ICLC does not waive registration fees for presenters. All accepted presenters must be registered for the conference.
3.1) Lodging and Travel:
All accepted presenters are responsible for their own lodging and travel. ICLC will neither arrange nor provide funding for presenter lodging and/or travel.
4.1) Internet Service:
ICLC will NOT provide hard-wired Internet Service. (Presenters whose proposals are accepted will be provided with WiFi information).
5.1) Digital Program
ICLC 2018 will NOT have a printed program book. The conference program will be available in digital format only.
6.1) Communications
ICLC will be communicating with all presenters via email. Please add the following email address to your contacts list to ensure that you receive all communications regarding your proposal:
7.1) Presenter No-Show Policy
ICLC understands that emergency situations sometimes occur; however, we need to be able to inform our attendees when a session has been cancelled so that they have the opportunity to select another session.
Failure to notify ICLC of session cancellation prior to the scheduled start of the session will be deemed a "presenter no-show". ICLC reserves the right to reject proposals from no-show presenters for three consecutive conference years following the occurrence of a presenter no-show.
ADA Accommodations
If you require special accommodations as outlined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please contact us in advance and we will endeavor to assist you.
ICLC 2018 Presenter Agreement *
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