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Join Acacia's street team to receive Advanced Readers Copies of her books and be entered to win some super sweet prizes!
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What are the perks of joining Acacia's street team? Well there are quite a few...

- for reviews left for each ARC received, you will be entered to win prizes (this will vary depending on the book and series)

- you will accumulate points depending on different tasks completed, and these points will be tallied to help you earn random prizes throughout the year
* join Acacia's newsletter = 25 points
* leaving an honest review (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) = 4 points
* social media shares (teasers, cover reveals, new releases, artwork, etc.) = 2 points
* random shoutouts (being tagged in social media posts, blog posts) = 1 point

- you get to hang out with Acacia (this might not necessarily be a perk, but she's certainly going to consider it to be!)

By joining Acacia's street team, you agree to the following:

- to leave an honest review (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) within two weeks of receiving said ARC

- unless otherwise noted, if review is 4 stars or higher, you will automatically be signed up for the next ARC in the series (if you do not wish to be signed up automatically, please advise Acacia via e-mail)

- if two consecutive ARCs are sent and reviews are not left on applicable sites, you will be disqualified from receiving future ARCs

- to like social media pages available to you (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - links will be sent after confirmation of joining street team)
* this is where Acacia will post teasers, cover reveals and new releases for you to share (see point structure above)

- to join Acacia's readers group, all these random thoughts, on Facebook
* this is the landing site for the street team, where Acacia will communicate with you regarding ARCs sent and other various bits of information
* invite will be sent with links to social media sites

- to be respectful of other street team members

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