SCAA Summer League Questionnaire
Almost since its beginning the Sussex County Archery Association has promoted an inter-club, county-wide Summer League, traditionally an Albion Round, which is 9 dozen shots starting with 3-dozen at 80 yards, then 3-dozen at 60 yds and 3-dozen at 50 yds. But since the late 1990s the number of clubs taking part, and the number of archers participating, has got smaller even though the total number of archers in the county has almost doubled. We’d like to find out whether the Members do want to take part in a League but don’t like what’s on offer; or whether they simply aren’t interested in anything competitive. Or whether there’s any other reason.
All the data collected will be used anonymously, but if you wish to find out the results of the survey please leave your email here
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At the moment a high proportion of Club Archers do all their archery at their Home Clubs. Do you think they would gain anything positive by meeting and shooting with members of other Clubs? *
Do you think the County Association should try to encourage Novice and Intermediate Archers to take part in Friendly and inter-Club activities? *
One of the main purposes of the League has been to bring clubs into contact, but the prospect of a long journey followed by a long day shooting may be what puts people off.
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Here are some suggestions proposed for alternative formats - which would you prefer? You can choose more than one *
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