Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. San Francisco-Peninsula Alumnae Chapter Scholarship & Book Stipend Application due 2/10/19
Dear Applicant:

The San Francisco-Peninsula Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is committed to improving the quality of education for youth living in our San Francisco-Peninsula committees. One of the key components of our educational development program is that of providing monetary scholarships for students that would permit them to acquire a bachelor degree. The annual scholarship supports two full semesters or three quarters of academic work and is renewable up to a total of four years. Funds are awarded annually after the applicant submits proof of completion of two semesters or three quarters with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above for each term, along with proof of enrollment for the following term. The annual disbursement is $5,000.00.

In addition to monetary support, the chapter is committed to assisting the scholarship recipient through the process of matriculation and degree achievement by providing mentoring, leadership development and personal encouragement for the recipient as they face the many challenges that college life may present. It is the expectation of the chapter that all scholarship recipients will maintain periodic contact with the chapter and notify us regarding noteworthy academic and personal accomplishments, along with academic and personal obstacles that the recipient may confront. In response, the chapter will strive to provide assistance and support to the scholarship recipient as needed.


A completed scholarship application
A one-page essay on the following topic: “Why a college education is important to me.”
Two letters of recommendation from any of the following: High school teacher, High school counselor, Community representative or religious leader, Employer, or Active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
An official copy of your most recent high school transcript that shows your cumulative GPA
A copy of your college acceptance letter(s) when available
A photograph of yourself
A completed photo release form
A completed scholarship submission agreement form

Eligibility Check
The requirements for initial and continuing eligibility for a Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship are provided in the next section. Compliance with the guidelines will ensure that applicants will receive the chapter’s continued financial and emotional support.
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Important Notice: This scholarship is a monetary contribution given annually, as long as the recipient is within compliance. Please acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms by checking ALL boxes below. *
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Academic Profile
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Cumulative Grade Point Average: *
Expected Graduation Date (MM/DD/YYYY): *
Name of Guidance Counselor: *
List all high school extra-curricular activities from 9th - 12th grade. Include offices held, honors received, and other activities or accomplishments. *
List all community groups and/or organizations in which you have participated outside of high school. Include specific information regarding the offices held, honors received, and the general extent of your involvement. *
College/University Profile
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Your intended major: *
Release Forms & File Uploads
Please upload a one-page essay on the following topic: “Why a college education is important to me.” Be sure to include a photo of yourself in your submission. *
Please upload your two letters of recommendation (no relatives). Acceptable letters may be from a high school teacher, guidance counselor, community representative or religious leader, employer, or active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. *
Please upload an official copy of your most recent high school transcript that shows your cumulative GPA. *
Please upload a copy of your college acceptance letter(s), if available. *
Please upload a signed copy of the photo release and scholarship submission agreement forms. You can access the forms here: *
Final Application Review
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