Zebras Unite - Managing Director interest form
You've reached this form because you're interested in Zebras Unite and feel you might be a fit to be our Managing Director. We're glad you're here and we hope you're right!

We'll be creating a formal job description soon, but meantime we want to understand why you're interested and what your relevant experience is.

The ideal candidate has experience building a business or organization. What we're looking for:
- Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
- Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities
- Demonstrable experience in developing strategic and business plans
- Management experience, including business operations and basic financial management
- Fundraising experience through soliciting corporate and/or foundation sponsorship, grant writing, and targeted requests
- Supervised volunteers or teams to develop and implement community standards and infrastructure
- Familiarity with existing startup culture (for example a founder, employee, investor, community organizer etc.)
- Maintain relationships with key stakeholders and identify opportunities and collaborations
- A tolerance for ambiguity as the movement evolves

This form should take 15 minutes to fill out. We'll be back in touch once we're in position to begin a formal hiring process to connect further.

If you're confused and don't know what Zebras Unite is all about - then either you're in the wrong place, or someone passed this along to you without context. Here's our site for more detail: https://www.zebrasunite.com/

Thank you for your interest!

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