Sale of Chametz Form 5778 - 2018

One of the Passover rituals is to remove chametz (leaven) from our homes in accordance with the verse, “No leaven shall be found in your houses for seven days (Exodus 12:19).” Ideally, these products should be discarded prior to the start of Passover. Nonetheless, Judaism also recognizes that one should not incur undue financial loss in observance of the mitzvot. Therefore, if after thoroughly cleaning for Passover you still have chametz products to store during the holiday, you may perform the ritual of “selling your chametz” using the form below.

It is customary to make a donation when arranging for the sale of chametz to provide for those less fortunate during this holiday season. Rabbi David is collecting money this year for the Community Cupboard Food Pantry and Mazon; a Jewish Response to Hunger. Checks should be made payable to the Temple Shalom with a note it is for Rabbi David and can be sent to or left at the Temple Shalom.

By submitting this form, I/We hereby authorize Rabbi Braham David to sell all chametz, of any kind,
that is in my/our possession before Pesach 5778.

This form must be completed and received by 9:00am on March 30th, 2018!!!

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