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This project requires that participants publish and share their activities in Kidspace, which is a safe, separate managed web space. It requires cooperation between students and teachers! Please do not join this project if you are unable to communicate during the project by email and comments on a regular basis.
Please before to apply, read carefully the instructions and rules
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Some russian provider often consider Kidlink email like spam. (mail.ru, yandex.ru, list.ru…) Please don’t use these in Kidlink projects.
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Kidlink Registration
To take part in our project, you need to register to Kidlink. Go to: https://www.kidlink.org/registration/index.php?action=newAdultUser
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To participate in this,at least one 3 options have to be feasible and working, better still all
DD - Basic Rules. Please confirm you are able to follow these rules. *
If you need some help to work in Kidspace please go to http://www.kidlink.net/kidspace/
Classroom Registration - Kidlink goal is to develop open and effective dialogue between the students.
DD is perfect also if you like that your students publish and share comments by theirselves. When you have sent the data in this form do not forget to login and register your students in order to get their usernames and password. . Go to http://www.kidlink.org/kidspace/start.php?HoldNode=31722
If you need some extra help to work in Kidspace please, after going to HelpPages, your coordinator will be always available by chat or by email.
Looking forward to you join us, I thank you for your cooperation. Pia Avolio de Martino - Kidlink DD coordinator
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