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The Bird is the Word!
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Team Descriptions
BUILD/STRIKE: Construct the stages, raise fencing, and other structures
SIGNAGE: Paint signs/make other decorations to make this festival B-E-A-utiful and keep people informed
CATERING/FOOD PREP: Help out in the commissary serving up meals to the hard working Campout crew
GAMES HQ: Supporting the Tournament Staff
BOX OFFICE: Process tickets, parking passes, and wristbands at the gate
GREETERS/PARKING: Be the first face newcomers see and help them park/get oriented/processed
SECURITY: Support the Campout by maintaining secure areas and manning wristband checkpoints
CIT HQ: Receive and Distribute Vital Information to the CIT's and manage shift check in's and out's.
GREEN TEAM: Waste Management and Education. Emptying Bins, Sorting Rubbish, and MOOP'ing common areas
BIRD FEED TEAM: ( Manager Approval Required )
MERCH BOOTH: Help campers pick out the best Dirtybird swag at our merch booth
Which teams would you be interested in being a part of? *
We will try our best to place you with the team of your preference team, however, we will place you based on need first and foremost.
Are there any teams you absolutely would not want to be a part of?
If you select all but your three preferences, you will be assigned to a different team out of spite hehe
Do you have any special talents, (Face painting, DJ'ing, tarot, massage therapy, yoga instruction, etc.) or have any passion projects you would like to manifest at DBC?
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Are you being referred by a member of the DBC Team? If so, please list here:
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--------------------*****TERMS & CONDITIONS*****-----------------
I hereby agree that the information submitted on this form is true and correct and that I am at least 18 years of age. I also agree to the following terms and conditions.

-I understand this form is an application for the Dirtybird Campout CIT Program and I will be contacted by DBC's CIT Coordinators if accepted.
-I understand that, if accepted, DBC expects three full shifts of participation in the CIT Program.
-If accepted, I agree to arrive and check-in the evening before my first shift begins.
-I understand that if accepted, DBC will assign hours and tasks as they see appropriate to the festivals needs.
-I understand that DBC expressly prohibits the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or participation in any illegal activity during shifts.
-Unauthorized selling of anything to anyone, (merchandise, tickets, passes, camping, alcohol, drugs, etc.) for personal gain or any other reason is prohibited and will be cause for immediate ejection from the event and surrendering of my deposit.
- I acknowledge that Dirtybird Campout is a 21+ Event, and therefore verify that I am 21 years of age or older.

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