Golden Rule Day Content Form 2019
On Friday, April 5, there will be a 24-hour global virtual celebration of the Golden Rule; a universal principle shared by nearly all cultural, spiritual, religious, and secular traditions on Earth.

Over the course of 24 hours, people from many corners of the world will celebrate the Golden Rule and they share how people, organizations and governments can use this Common Principle to create a better world for everyone.We are specifically interested in diverse content like indigenous voices, youth perspectives, and collaborations across divides.

Thank you for your interested in being a part of creating the experience as we share new ways to apply the Golden Rule in our lives and communities!

We are still accepting content, so please submit away. Thank you!

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Content Partners support Golden Rule Day by providing pre-recorded video content (we welcome content in a diversity of formats, including music, interviews, discussions, drama, etc) to be shared before, during Golden Rule Day.
Deadline March 16, 2019.
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