Environmental Event Review
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LI Explorer - Did the group leader show you how to identify something with a field guide or any other means? Or talk about an environmental issue of concern and related agencies? Please describe.
LI Geology & Uplands Management - Did the group leader point out an invasive species? Explain why it's invasive? Offer tips on how to control it? Or describe some other geology, or habitat discussed. Describe your experience.
Freshwater - Did the group leader point out a freshwater habitat, discuss a conservation or water quality issue, or heighten your awareness in some way? Please describe your experience.
Trails, Greenways, and Sustainability Observations. What did you learn from the leader?
Trails, Greenways, & Sustainability - Add in any additional comments.
Wildlife Observations - Did the leader spend time identifying wildlife (behavior, animal signs, geographic distributions, etc). Describe your experience.
Marine Ecology Observations - Did the leader explain what a coastal environment is, and how it differs from freshwater and freshwater wetlands. Or discuss other coast storm and policy concerns. Describe your experience.
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