North Star Scoutmaster of the Year Award
Eligibility Critera
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Served as Scoutmaster during the unit’s last chartered year. *
Attended 80 % of all Roundtables (or sent unit delegate). *
Unit participated in popcorn sales. *
Unit participates in the annual Friends of Scouting campaign. *
Unit participated in District / Council events (insert number) *
Trained: Scoutmaster Training modules completed- *
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Please use the space below or keep your write up to a maximum of 500 Words) Possible topics to include in write-up: - Strong advancement program - Strong retention program - Offer summer camp program to Scouts - Offers High Adventure to older Scouts - Unit leadership is trained in the Boy Scout program - Good Scout participation in unit outings - Strong recruitment program - Has good rapport with area Cub Scout packs "What uniquely qualifies this person to be recognized above other leaders nominated for this award. Please provide the significant impact this person has had on Scouting: (Please double check spelling prior to submitting) *
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This nomination is due no later than December 1st. Any submission after that date cannot be considered. Please ensure that the person nominated is registered for the District Dinner at
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