Chalutzim Club Sign up

Welcome to the Chalutzim Club sign up! Being a member of this club grants you many different benefits, such as being able to go to late night programs at conventions, and enhancing your overall USY and Jewish experience. In addition, it teaches you how to fight anti-Israel biases on High School and College campuses by getting involved with the world issues and domestic issues involved with the State of Israel. This club will also allow you to use Hebrew that you have learned previously in your life.
If you love Israel and want to get more involved in USY's Israel programming, this is the club for you! The USY Israel club is a great opportunity to get involved and learn more about Israel and plan events within your own chapters and regions to spread Israel love. Join today! For any questions contact your Israel Affairs Vice Presidents!

Liat Wasserman- CHUSY

Max Littman- CRUSY

Sarit Bitnun- ECRUSY

Samuel Orloff- EMTZA

Amanda Josephs- EPA

Shir Klainman- Far West

Serena Young- Hagalil

Mia Stein- Hagesher

Isaac Gilles- Hanefesh

Danu Rojzman- HaNegev

Hannah Bertell- METNY

Ruth Landis- NERUSY

Yael Moskowitz- New Frontier

Hannah Sacks- Pinwheel

Jordan Kalfon- Seaboard

Nathan Bishop- SWUSY

Spencer Ressel- Tzafon

Eli Krule- International Israel Affairs Vice-President
Nathan Bishop- Israel Affairs International General Board
Danu Rojzman- Israel Affairs International General Board
Noa Rose- Israel Affairs International General Board
Liat Wasserman- Israel Affairs International General Board