Hutchinson Middle School Band Registration
Beginning Band Questionnaire

This registration questionnaire will take approximately 30-45 minutes. Please do not start until you AND your child can review watch the video and complete all questions. If you have problems with the video link, please use the following link:
1. Student ID# (1000 number) *
2. Student's First Name *
3. Student's Last Name *
4. Current Elementary School *
5. Student T-Shirt Size *
6. Primary Contact First Name *
7. Primary Contact Last Name *
8. Primary Contact Phone (###-###-#### format please) *
9. Primary Contact Email *
10. Secondary Contact First Name *
11. Secondary Contact Last Name *
12. Secondary Contact Phone (###-###-#### format please) *
13. Secondary Contact Email *
14. Do you play piano? *
15. If yes, how long have you taken piano lessons?
16. Please list any additional formal music instruction you may have received. (Please note: This is NOT required to be in band, we are just curious.)
17. Do you have a brother or sister in band? *
18. If yes, what do they play?
19. Do/did your parents play a band instrument? *
20. If yes, what did they play?
21. What kind of grades do you get in school? *
22. Will you be in Pre-AP classes? *
23. Do you participate in competitive activities outside of school? (Check all that apply) *
24. Why did you sign up for band? *
25. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to play an instrument? *
The following questions will ask some physical attributes of your child. These help us determine if an instrument is the correct size/shape for them.
26. Does your child currently have braces or will they need them in the future? *
27. Does your child have an extreme overbite or underbite? *
28. Ask your child to pretend they are blowing on a spoon of hot soup to cool it off. Is their top lip flat, or does it form a "teardrop" like in the picture below? *
Captionless Image
29. Is your child on the shorter/taller side, or about average for their age? *
30. I love everything about school, *including* homework! *
31. I love everything about school, *except* homework! *
32. Do you prefer to work alone or in group projects? *
33. Why did you answer the previous question the way you did? *
34. Do you like to lead a group? *
35. Do you enjoy being the center of attention? *
36. At home, my room is *
37. I enjoy working on challenging puzzles or problems, even if it takes me some time to figure it out. *
38. If there is ANYTHING else you would like us to know about you, please tell us here. *
Please watch the following video (20 minutes) before answering the following questions. We will start to narrow down what you might end up playing in our band next year.


We try very hard to assign first choices when we can. There are a total of three things we will look at, as band directors and professional musicians, to select the instrument you are most likely to be successful with. The different factors are your personal choice, where we think you will be most successful based on your physical traits and personality, and balanced instrumentation of the band. We need all instruments to make the team work correctly. Just like Harry Potter and the sorting hat, the instrument often chooses you, but you have a lot to do with the final decision.

Please think carefully as you select below.
Instrument Demonstration for all Beginning Band instruments
39. IN A PERFECT WORLD, your absolute first choice is: *
40. What is your first BRASS choice? *
41. What is your second BRASS choice? *
42. What is your first WOODWIND choice? *
43. What is your second WOODWIND choice? *
If your first choice was percussion, are you willing to film a video of yourself doing percussion specific skills from a tutorial video? This will only happen if more than 12 students choose percussion and the video will be assigned in this google classroom.
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