Gypsy Moon Ball 2013 - Volunteer Sign-up Sheet
GMB can't happen without a lot of behind the scenes work. You can volunteer for as little as one half hour, which is usually just two dances. Please consider volunteering for more if you can! Some things don't even require you to miss any dancing! If you're doing a work-exchange you might be expected to commit to 2-4 hours of volunteer time depending on whether your shift is during dance time or other times.
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Preferred Contact Method *
I will send out an email to let you know what shift you have been assigned. I will also send out reminders closer to the date of the event. Please indicate how you prefer to be reminded.
Are you requesting work-exchange (scholarship)? *
A limited number of work-exchange scholarships are available to those who would be otherwise unable to attend. If interested, you should also email to put in your official request.
How can you help? *
I would be willing to help with Gypsy Moon Ball in any of the following ways: (check all that apply)
Shifts *
Are you willing to work more than one shift? (ie, cleanup multiple nights?) Remember, anyone requesting work-exchange scholarships will need more than one shift to earn their scholarship.
Availability *
When are you available to help?
Specific Availability
If you are available for one of the days you checked above but only for a limited time, please feel free to indicate what times you ARE available.
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