Physics and Astronomy 308 - Catalog Homework
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What object ID were you asked to identify? *
Enter the full ID, not the description. It may begin with HD or NGC or some other acronym and have other letters and numbers.
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What did Simbad tell you about this object? *
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Is there data on this object in the MAST space telescope archive? If so, select an example and and describe it. There are tools online in MAST that help, but the data are complex and you will not know enough yet to fully utilize it. *
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When would this object be observable? *
Depending on the time of year, an object may be too close to the Sun in the sky or too low to be observable from the ground. At what time of year would the object you are studying be at its highest in the sky at midnight?
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From where would this object be observable? *
If an object is too far south it cannot be observed from a northern site. If it is too far north, it cannot be observed from a southern site. Consider our telescopes at Moore Observatory (latitude +38 degrees (north)) and Mt. Kent Obsevatory (latitutde -28 degrees (south)). Our other site is also north of he equator at Stewart Observatory on Mt. Lemmon in Arizona.
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