Avalon Expo 7 Volunteer Participation Application
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If you don't want to say your actual age and you will be over 19, just say "over 19". If you're going to be under 19, we'll need the actual age, please. :) Under 16 will require parental approval.
What would you like to do? *
We'll try, but can't guarantee you'll get to do this. Some options include: reg desk, info booth, security, setup, teardown, tech team, costume contest, gopher (general runner), door person, game facilitation, etc. Put more than one, if there's more than one you would do, or put something else if we haven't listed it.
What relevant experience do you have? Or, just write anything here if this will become your relevant experience. *
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Check all that apply, and we realize this can change, it's hard to be sure this far in advance. The convention is Fri-Sun Sept. 18-19, 2021.
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