Call for trainers: Faker Fighters: Training for Trainers
About the Training for trainers
This activity aims at developing a pool of facilitators/trainers in the field of media literacy / critical thinking education.
The specific objectives are to:
- Develop the right set of skills, knowledge and attitude among 24 participants to enable them to deliver trainings and sessions in media literacy and critical thinking education in a non-formal education context
- Prepare the participants to organise local and regional activities on the topic (project management, coordination)
This activity will take the form of a classic 8 days training of trainers activity organised in 2 paralell tracks (one for regional training courses, one for local events). The event will focus on interrelated skills of non-formal education, project management and of course media literacy and critical thinking education.
Profile of participants:
- Interested in developing their educational competences
- Able to fully participate on the training course (22nd February to 3rd March 2019) and interested to implement a follow up activity
- Coming from one of the countries of the Council of Europe + Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kosovo
- Fluent in English
- More than 18 years old
How will we work?
The methodological approach of the seminar will ensure that the principles of non-formal education are fully respected. This means that the participants will be offered possibilities to be fully engaged in planning and achieving their learning, through various experiential processes, small group work, expert inputs and open debates. Related to the inputs provided by external speakers, JEF Europe will ensure that the speakers who will come to address the participants with their expert input will be very experienced and able to engage youth in active and meaningful dialogue.
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